Tiffany Reed from the Missoula Online Academy


MISSOULA — Tiffany Reed of Missoula County Public Schools is this week’s One Class at a Time grant recipient.

Reed is teaching kindergarten students virtually as part of the district’s Missoula Online Academy, which is for families who may not feel comfortable in a classroom during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“I was preoccupied with building relationships with children, social and emotional relationships,” Reed said. “They’re just as strong, if not stronger online, because the intimacy of our time together is pretty special.”

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Reed will use his $250 grant on several fronts. She wants to buy manipulatives that will help her learn shapes and sizes. But, since students are missing field trips, she wants to offer them a virtual outing. An organization called “Animal Wonder” will provide animal education, in real time, via Zoom.

Although it won’t be in person, Reed expects it to have a major positive impact on the children.

“Knowing more about our environment and the animals and other creatures that inhabit the Earth with us, and learning more about their habits, may help protect some of them,” Reed explained. “And have empathy for what’s happening to people and other animals.”


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