The “Teacher Academy” offered to pay teachers 4 additional weeks for planning


BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WWAY) – Teachers in Brunswick County may soon have the option of having more planning time and more money for it.

Brunswick County Schools spokesperson Jessica Swencki said she helped cabinet members nominate the teachers’ academy to the board of education this week.

“There are always challenges that come with teaching, but at the end of the day, I love my job,” said Laura Sokol-Scott, teacher at Leland Middle School.

After 12 years at Leland Middle School, an ongoing challenge for Laura Sokol-Scott is finding time for planning.

“I try to do as much prep work as I can during the summer, because even with that I’m usually here until 5:00 am, 5:30 am most days,” Sokol-Scott said.

At present, all of this is unpaid.

“I have a lot of other coworkers I know who work so hard during the summer, working full time just to get through those two months of unpaid time on top of working on stuff to get ready. the following year, ”said Sokol-Scott.

Swencki said that could change as early as this summer.

“The 11-month calendar option would allow teachers to have an additional month of employment at their daily rate of pay,” Swencki said.

Swencki said the Teacher Academy will be an optional four-week summer period for teachers, split between June and August.

“Give teachers the time to genuinely plan not only with their colleagues within their school, but also to plan with the same grade level or the same subjects across the county,” Swencki said.

Sokol-Scott said it would not only remove some of the financial burden teachers face, but also open up all kinds of possibilities in the classroom.

“It will relieve stress and let us know that the focused goal we want is to improve student achievement and make sure they are successful in doing cool stuff in the classroom,” Sokol-Scott said.

Swencki said the board is yet to vote on the $ 2 million proposal in the coming months. If that passes, she said they hope to start the teachers’ academy this summer.


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