Teacher Academy students recognized by the Board of Education


Mystery Villa, Haley Thompson and Anna Hatfield, members of the Teacher Academy Pathway at MHS, were recently recognized at a school board meeting

The Milford High School Board of Education recognized three Milford High School Teacher Academy students at a recent meeting. The program prepares high school students for careers as educators and is led by Ms. Molly Chorman.

“Before the Teacher Academy, there was really no other path for students to follow. There may have been a club for future teachers, but no other path for students to follow, who wanted to become a teacher”, said Dr. Jason Peel, Director of Human Resources and School Climate “As a course that started in the state of Delaware, we thought it was a good idea to adopt the course and it was back in the 2016-17 school year. So since then we have had over 150 graduates and that number has tripled since the program started. Ms. Chorman has undergone training, implemented all courses and has worked with colleagues across the state to make this program viable and really, really thrive here in Milford.

According to Dr. Peel, more than 60 students have passed the test required to become a paraprofessional, allowing them to immediately begin employment in this capacity. In addition, students who complete the program receive a certificate which guarantees them an interview at Milford after completing their college education and obtaining their teaching qualification. Three students who have been hired by the district to work with students during summer school were present at the council meeting and Dr Peel said he hoped they would return after graduating from teaching to become teachers in the Milford School District.

“I am honored to be here with these three ladies. They are the epitome of Teacher Academy. I have Mystery Villa, Haley Thompson and Anna Hatfield. I call them the trio here who will grow our district even more and at the beyond what we ever thought it could be,” Chorman said. “They all yearn for elementary education. [para test] in March with flying colors and they are now employed by us this summer until summer school.

Chorman explained that Villa was instrumental in the Spanish immersion program and that parents in the program told him that Villa had been a mentor to their children because she spoke their native language.

“They also won the state gold medal three years in a row. They’re going to be so hard to replace,” Chorman said. “But we have a club called Educators Rising and I recruited them in first grade. I saw them when I was 14 and I thought, ‘you’re coming with me.’ And they’ve won every year in K across three literatures. They’ve written and illustrated three times and have a national ranking for not only scoring gold but also the highest score of any other school in Delaware at this event, so they’re rock stars all the way .

The three students did an internship at Ross Elementary, rotating classrooms and getting a clear picture of what it will be like when they take on teaching jobs.

“Ms. Chorman, thank you for your excellent leadership in the program. We are truly the leader of the Teacher Academy in the entire state and if you have been on this campus for four or seven years, you have seen that the phenomenal students here are very active in our events,” Dr. Dickerson said. “These are academically high achieving students, just role models for others, throughout our district in terms of academic achievement, just individuals well balanced and they have a very bright future.Thank you for being such good students here in the Milford School District.


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