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Ammon news – The Queen Rania Teacher Academy (QRTA) on Sunday kicked off the 2021 Teacher Skills Forum titled “Learning Skills Acquired in the Era of COVID-19”.

Featuring a distinguished group of educational speakers from around the world, the forum is available online for free upon registration, Jordanian news agency Petra reported.

The two-day online forum aims to highlight the learning skills students learned during the coronavirus pandemic, while highlighting how students overcame unprecedented challenges to develop and acquire skills.

The new skills have proven to be vital for the education of students and will become increasingly important in their future careers, according to Petra.

In his welcoming remarks, QRTA CEO Osama Obeidat said, “We need to encourage school leaders and teachers to think flexibly and reconsider what is offered to students in terms of quantity, duration. and evaluation methods.

“Even after the closure of this forum, we hope that the door to dialogue will remain open on how education systems, policymakers and schools can benefit from the positive impact of the pandemic, particularly with regard to new learning skills of students. “

Keynote speaker Harry Patrinos, Practice Manager for Europe and Central Asia at the World Bank for Education, said: “Millions of children have not been in school and there has been a loss. considerable learning. It is paramount that we draw attention to the urgent need to prioritize education. “

“At the same time, our children and teachers, as well as parents, have learned new skills,” Patrinos added. “As we approach normalcy, it’s important to develop these new skills, meet their learning needs, and give our students and teachers the support they deserve. “

Keynote speaker Dirk Van Damme, senior researcher at the US-based Center for Curriculum Redesign, explained that the COVID-19 pandemic was “a real shock to all teachers, students, schools and the whole community. educational system “.

“Education has suffered, but has also demonstrated its resilience and ability to transform to better serve our students,” noted Van Damme. “Instead of restoring the old ‘normal’ as soon as possible, it is now extremely important to reflect and discuss the lessons learned and see how we can do better in the future.

The Queen Rania Teacher Academy Forum is a wonderful opportunity to do so. Few systems take the time and the courage to examine what happened. “

The forum aims to facilitate the exchange by educators of experiences and lessons learned during the pandemic, while presenting the basic skills and competences required to meet the needs of learners.

The forum reiterates the important roles of key education stakeholders – i.e. policy makers, teachers and school principals – in identifying the skills that students have acquired in relation to pre-pandemic expectations in order to change instructions, allocate resources and build on those successes.

Over 5,000 participants from over 45 countries have registered for the forum, in addition to 35 speakers from prestigious international educational institutions.

The forum includes several discussion sessions, including “School Closures During COVID-19: Costs and Opportunities for Better Rebuilding”, “Capitalizing on Gains and Supporting Positive Change: Response of Post-Covid Education Systems”, “What what is normal and what is coming soon? How should we adapt teacher preparation and development to meet these new challenges ”,“ Reimagining Education: Student Perspectives ”,“ Leading During Crises ”.


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