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(PSS) – Students participating in the Summer Program of the Academy of Public School System Teachers and Vocational Technical Education at Northern Marianas College have expressed interest in pursuing education studies after high school.

For the first time, the teachers’ academy, funded by the PSS-CTE program, is run by the NMC College of Education and is held on the college campus.

“So far it has been a very good experience for me,” said one of the 10 participating students. “I will be pursuing studies in educational rehabilitation with a concentration in personal services.”

Thursday CNMI Board Chairman Andrew L. Orsini BOE Vice Chairman Herman Atalig Education Commissioner Dr Alfred B. Ada Senior Program Director and Teaching from PSS, Jackie Quitugua, CTE Program Director, Dr Jessica Taylor, and Responsibility, Research and Senior Evaluation Director, Dr Rizalina Liwag, met with participating NMC students.

“I am currently a junior student at Marianas High School,” one of the students told education officials; “And this program will help me plan my career choices when I graduate from high school.” “

“I want to pursue primary education,” said another participating student, adding that the Teacher Academy‘s summer program “helped me decide”.

Education Commissioner Ada congratulated the participating students: “This is a life-changing program and career that you all have decided to be a part of… and we are really proud of everyone. “

He added, “We will make sure we continue to provide all of you with the support you need in your career choices. “

BOE President Orsini said PSS will continue to partner with NMC to ensure that graduates of public high schools can avail of college and career preparation programs while still in high school.

BOE vice president Atalig said they would work to secure more funding for PSS programs that could further expand the local workforce.



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