Pep Guardiola’s influence runs deep in the Manchester City Academy


Pep Guardiola has taken Manchester City to new levels since arriving in 2016, getting stronger and stronger the longer he’s been in the City hot seat. His time at the club brought great success to the Etihad, including four Premier League titles.

However, behind all the trophies and accolades, Pep Guardiola likes to deploy his philosophy from the ground up at Manchester City, instilling the positive attitudes he expects from a footballer in the roots of the Academy.

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Manchester Evening News reported that Guardiola is preparing the City’s youngsters for the mental qualities needed in the first team, saying that “Manchester City’s best prospects have been deliberately excluded from youth games this season as part of their development to the first crew”.

Pep Guardiola hopes teaching academy players different lessons about professional football will reduce attitude problems at first-team graduation.

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Academy Director Jason Wilcox added more clarity behind their academy methods. “Being at a club like this you watch the first team and our players have to understand that they are going to be kicked out of football games and they have to understand how to react to that”

He went on to add “If they react the wrong way, it doesn’t matter who they are, but they won’t be picked. It’s been a real group effort this year where everyone on the team has contributed.”

Manchester City’s success is not just down to the first XI on the pitch, the staff and infrastructure in place behind the scenes are doing wonders to develop the club into a footballing juggernaut.

Getting off the pitch is just as important as on the pitch.

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