Pearson Online Academy welcomes new and returning students from around the world for the 2022-2023 school year


Pearson Online Academy returns for the 2022-2023 school year

At Pearson Online Academy, we are committed to providing our proven online learning experience that delivers real results while supporting our students every step of the way.

Students from around the world logged into their virtual classrooms today for their first day of the 2022-23 school year at Pearson Online Academy, an accredited US-based virtual private school that enrolls students from K-12 across the country and internationally. Run by experts in virtual learning, the international school offers a highly effective and individualized alternative to traditional private or international homeschooling programs. Pearson Online Academy, which welcomes students in more than 66 countries, provides affordable online education and prepares students for future success.

With nearly 1,200 students worldwide, Pearson Online Academy remains an optimal choice for families looking for an individualized learning approach or an alternative option to in-person learning. Pearson Online Academy students work one-on-one with certified teachers to develop personalized learning programs that allow them to develop their strengths and passions and ultimately excel. Families choose Private Online School International for its rigorous, high-quality curriculum, flexible and individualized learning approach with a dynamic schedule, and an exceptional online learning experience.

“We are thrilled to welcome new and returning students to another successful year at Pearson Online Academy,” said Hannah Rinehart, Principal of Pearson Online Academy. “We empower our students to start the new school year strong and explore ways to reach their full potential. At Pearson Online Academy, we are committed to providing our proven online learning experience that delivers real results while supporting our students every step of the way.

Results from a recently released 2021-2022 Parent Satisfaction Survey, an annual third-party survey that offers families the opportunity to review their experience with Pearson Online Academy, reinforce why the school is a top choice for families looking for alternatives to in-person learning or simply a more individualized learning model. According to the survey results:

  • 97% of parents feel more involved in their student’s education
  • 95% of parents agree that Pearson Online Academy prepares their child for academic and/or professional success
  • 93% of parents agree the program is of high quality

Beyond its rigorous curriculum, which features innovative and diverse courses including foreign languages, STEM, and web design, Pearson Online Academy offers an exceptional college preparatory program where accelerated high school students have three options for earning college credits. . Qualified students can take Advanced Placement courses and earn college credit through an Advanced Placement exam score of three or more. Additionally, Pearson Online Academy offers two college success programs:

Course-Based Option: The Accelerated Pathways program allows students to access a wide variety of college courses and earn credits that transfer to thousands of colleges and universities across the United States, while meeting the requirements for graduation from the Pearson Online Academy. Open to all high school students in grades 9-12 who meet the eligibility criteria, this flexible option includes both instructor-led and self-paced classes.

Certificate Option: Offered in partnership with American Public University, this instructor-led, online certificate program is open to eligible students in grades 11 and 12 who prefer a more structured and organized learning experience. APU online certificate programs are available for students looking for a short program focused on in-depth career exploration or knowledge of a specific discipline, including homeland security, property management, visual communications, fire sciences, e-commerce or space studies.

Pearson Online Academy tuition includes the cost of all Advanced Placement courses, plus up to 18 credits for either College Success program.

Registration is currently open for the 2022-23 school year. Families are eligible for a 10% tuition discount and application fee waiver when registered by August 29, 2022. The Pearson Online Academy encourages interested families to attend a free session. online information where they can ask questions and determine if virtual school is right for their student.

For more information about Pearson Online Academy’s online tuition for K-12 students, families can visit the school’s website or contact an admissions counselor at 1-888-918-7285 .

About the Pearson Online Academy

Pearson Online Academy is an accredited private online school serving K-12 students in the United States and abroad. Recognizing that individualized instruction is key to students’ academic and personal success, Pearson Online Academy’s highly trained and certified teachers provide instruction tailored to each student’s strengths and challenges using a computer-based curriculum award-winning, real-time instruction and a proven course. materials from leading publishers. Pearson Online Academy currently serves students in 66 different countries around the world and is part of the Pearson Global Learning Company. For more information, visit

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