Pearson Online Academy Virtual Launch Celebrates Graduating Class of 2022


The Pearson Online Academy celebrates the Class of 2022

Pearson Online Academy has given me the flexibility to pursue my career as a competitive footballer and has enhanced my ability to manage my time and engage with my work, among other skills beyond the classroom.

Pearson Online Academy, a leading US-based accredited virtual private school serving K-12 students around the world and across the country, celebrated 139 high school graduates on June 17, during its annual online graduation ceremony. Family, friends, staff and faculty joined the virtual start to applaud the many accomplishments of the Class of 2022.

With the ability to focus on their interests and learn from anywhere in the world, the Pearson Online Academy Class of 2022 has demonstrated academic independence throughout their educational journey. Continuing to take ownership of their professional endeavors, 60% of graduates plan to attend two- or four-year colleges and universities, including the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cornell University, and the University of Texas. Many graduates will also pursue their passions and acquire concrete skills by entering the job market, taking professional or technical training and more.

Branden Duyvestyn, valedictorian of the Pearson Online Academy class and resident of Houston, Texas, says he is grateful for the time management, study and communication skills he learned at Pearson Online Academy. “I love the challenging curriculum offered by Pearson Online Academy,” said Duyvestyn. “The live lessons were the most helpful in understanding the content and applying the knowledge to homework and the real world.” Duyvestyn attends the University of Alabama at Birmingham on a full scholarship to pursue a bachelor’s degree in neuroscience, as well as a master’s degree in multidisciplinary biomedical science.

“With guidance from my academic advisor, I was able to confidently navigate my senior year and prepare for the transitions ahead,” said Ariyana Shafizadeh, Pearson Online Academy Class Salutatorian. “Pearson Online Academy has given me the flexibility to pursue my career as a competitive footballer and has enhanced my ability to manage my time and engage with my work, among other skills beyond the classroom.”

“We are confident that our students’ postgraduate pursuits will yield incredible achievements and we look forward to seeing their continued success,” said Hannah Rinehart, Director of Pearson Online Academy. “I am beyond proud to celebrate the accomplishments of this diverse and talented group and look forward to seeing their continued accomplishments.”

Pearson Online Academy’s personalized learning programs allow students to excel in their strengths and make time to pursue their dreams and interests. By providing a high-quality online curriculum and ongoing support from teachers specially trained in the online environment, Pearson Online Academy helps students maximize their potential and meet the highest performance standards to succeed in the higher education and beyond.

Families interested in Pearson Online Academy are encouraged to attend an online information session to learn more, ask questions, and find out if the virtual school is right for their student. A full calendar of upcoming events as well as on-demand sessions is available. To learn more about Pearson Online Academy’s online education for K-12 students, please contact an admissions counselor at 1-888-260-4159 or visit the school’s website at address

About the Pearson Online Academy

Pearson Online Academy is an accredited private online school serving K-12 students in the United States and abroad. Recognizing that individualized instruction is key to students’ academic and personal success, Pearson Online Academy’s highly trained and certified teachers provide instruction tailored to each student’s strengths and challenges using a computer-based curriculum award-winning, real-time instruction and a proven course. materials from leading publishers. Pearson Online Academy currently serves students in 81 different countries around the world and is part of the Pearson Global Learning Company. For more information, visit

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