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Pearson Online Academy UK Global is an affordable, fully online international private school offering a UK curriculum for 14-24 year olds* brought to you by the leaders in virtual learning, Pearson. Established in 2021, but planned well before the pandemic, the school offers GCSEs and international A-levels from Pearson Edexcel, bringing digital literacy and curriculum expertise into the homes of students around the world. Pearson Online Academy UK Global is passionate that all students thrive during their time at the school by guiding them through their journey of excellence and ensuring they are prepared for the future in the Higher Education.

Each two-year course has been designed to give students the ideal mix of structure and autonomy, with learners following engaging and self-paced online courses at their own pace, while LiveLesson® sessions with their teachers deepen understanding through through discussions and problem-solving activities.

Subjects that can be studied at Pearson Online Academy UK Global include:

  • International GCSEs in English Literature, English Language, Maths, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Computing, Business, Geography and French
  • International A-Levels in English Language Mathematics, Additional Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Economics, Psychology, Geography and A-Level Spanish

Pearson Online Academy UK Global’s educational programs have been specifically designed for digital learning and combine independent study and LiveLesson® sessions guided by expert teachers. The flexible and personalized nature of this approach places well-being at the heart of it while ensuring that all students studying at the school are fully engaged and teachers are qualified to bring out the best in each student. Students at the school all work towards exam success, academic progression and career preparation to ensure that they meet their future ambitions and aspirations.

The flipped classroom teaching method increases student engagement and encourages critical thinking, which is why we use it at Pearson Online Academy UK Global. Students work through interactive self-study materials to develop an understanding of subject content, followed by a LiveLesson® session in a virtual classroom. The materials students use independently, at a time and pace that suits them, and the technology they use generate deep insights into their learning. This frees teachers up and makes them available for one-on-one sessions with students to help them with any questions or uncertainties they might have. Each teacher has at least one hour a day for walk-in sessions with students.

Pearson Online Academy UK Global teachers are subject matter masters who are also trained and supported with ongoing professional development to work with students individually and in small groups, using best online learning practices, including communication and data usage. In all of their interactions with students, teachers model future skills, address social/emotional learning, and promote a spirit of innovation.

Because they know their students well, teachers can customize lessons and classes to ensure that each student receives the right degree of challenge or support. Often online teachers get to know the whole family. These close ties allow teachers to make life-changing connections with their students.

Pearson Online Academy UK Global students each have a success coach and receive carefully personalized career planning and expert coaching on university selection. Students are supported to help them reach their highest potential: the Success Coach aims to develop in them the skills and mindset necessary for success, both in our school and beyond. Success coaches work with students to develop their academic, personal, and social skills, through one-on-one coaching sessions and small-group workshops specifically tailored to student needs. Careful guidance is provided to students on how to become effective and independent learners.

The Success Coach works not only with the student, but also with their parents and mentors, to support them throughout their progress. Teachers ensure open channels of communication with parents and mentors regarding any academic issues, and the Success Coach is the first point of contact for any pastoral or non-academic issues. Whether it’s helping students prepare for tests, college applications, or mock interviews, the Success Coach provides their students with the best possible support – setting them up for success.

The Success Coach also works diligently to foster the social, moral and cultural development of students. Although academic studies can take the lead, a key part of the success coach’s role is to encourage students to participate in a range of extracurricular activities. Students are encouraged to cultivate their own passions outside of academia, as well as develop healthy new interests, providing multiple opportunities to build relationships with peers and fellow students.

Pearson Online Academy UK Global is powered by the Pearson Online Classroom which is currently used by over 110,000 full-time students worldwide.

Pearson Online Classroom technology inspires and supports students in a complete online school experience. In addition to the structures they need for continued academic success, students will have access to sophisticated collaboration and communication tools and experience state-of-the-art technology.

The platform offers a rich online curriculum with integrated multimedia, live online class sessions, chat and secure email. Technical support is available during class hours.


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