Oregon School District welcomes alumni to New Teacher Academy


“It really creates a nice and positive environment that allows new teachers to thrive,” said Zach Hall, OCUSD alumnus and choir director.

To address the disconnect in the curriculum and improve employee retention, the Oregon School District is launching its third annual New Teacher Academy. But this time, some elders are in the game.

“This community has helped me grow into who I am, helped me discover what I’m really passionate about. Coming back and giving back to the community is exciting for me,” said OCUSD alumnus and newcomer Zoe Nelson. art teacher.

NTA is unique because it onboards every faculty member who walks through the doors of the Oregon school district. In doing so, they are able to put everyone on exactly the same level, whether they have been teaching for 6 months or for 10 years.

“The NTA has kind of helped me branch out and talk to people I wouldn’t normally talk to and build some really strong connections that I’m really happy to have now, that I wouldn’t have had. otherwise,” Salle said.

For Angela Nordman, meeting other returning Hawks at NTA makes coming back even more enjoyable, which she can’t wait to share with her students.

“I really can’t wait to be able to tell them: five years ago, I was in this room, in your place, going through what you are going through. To be able to say, I came out the other side, I I’m back here and I’m super excited to be back here and to be able to relate to them on this level,” Nordman said.

After district-wide visits, teachers spend the day reviewing technology and doing team-building exercises, preparing them for the big day on August 15.


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