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Wyoming Connections Academy, a tuition-free online public school serving K-12 students statewide, has opened enrollment for the upcoming 2022-23 school year. Wyoming Connections Academy offers Wyoming families and students 13 years of online education experience and serves more than 600 students statewide.

As a fully accredited online public school, Wyoming Connections Academy caters to the needs of students adapting to real-world challenges. The school offers students the ongoing support of state-certified teachers and a strong curriculum, emphasizing both academic and social-emotional learning. Specially trained teachers work to strengthen students’ skills and give them the confidence to thrive both inside and outside the learning environment. Each teacher brings their skills and personality to the virtual classroom, while emphasizing the importance of fostering meaningful connections with students and their families.

“Our mission at Wyoming Connections Academy is to support the whole student, working collaboratively on all fronts to develop a student-centered education where each student can truly take ownership of their learning experience,” said said Shannon Siebert, director of Wyoming Connections Academy. . “Families enroll in Wyoming Connections Academy for many reasons, and we are always grateful for providing them with an experienced and flexible learning option.”

Students enrolled at Wyoming Connections Academy come from diverse backgrounds and educational histories, creating a collaborative and unique learning environment. The virtual school provides students with a comprehensive experience through opportunities to develop social and emotional skills in addition to critical thinking, problem solving and collaboration to prepare them for current and future success as they progress in college, in their careers and in their lives.

Wyoming Connections Academy parent and Farson resident Jen Smith is grateful for her daughter’s experience with the school.

“Wyoming Connections Academy was very helpful for my seventh grader because it gave her confidence,” Smith said. “As a learning coach, I’m very actively involved in his education, and I feel like it gives students many more realistic opportunities to excel at their own pace.”

Students at Wyoming Connections Academy have access to advanced coursework, extracurricular activities, and flexible schedules that help them take ownership of their own unique educational journeys. Students who enroll in the school join a collaborative community of peers and educators that provides a welcoming and distraction-free learning environment.

For more information about Wyoming Connections Academy, please visit the school’s website at WyomingConnectionsAcademy.comor call (800) 382-6010.


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