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7:00 a.m. on December 1, 2021

A school in Hornchurch has asked to demolish its sports hall and build a new facility estimated to cost between £ 2 million and £ 100million.

Emerson Park Academy requested the construction of a three-court sports hall with a multi-purpose teaching hall, changing rooms, storage and ancillary accommodation, including associated landscaping and provision of services.

Demolition of the existing “dilapidated” gym, modular classroom unit and pavilions would take place after the new building was constructed to avoid a temporary gym.

Away from the school’s natural areas and mature trees, the new main entrance to the sports hall would be on the west facade to allow direct access from the main school building and existing trails.

The app reads: “The building has been carefully located to make the most of the school site and to avoid impacting the most sensitive areas that are of value to the school. “

There are no proposed changes to the existing pedestrian or car access to the school or to the removal of existing trees.

But other tree plantings are proposed along the south of the new building.

Ground-level access to the sports hall would make it accessible to all children and it is proposed to have a floor and a height of 11 meters.

If approved, construction would begin in September 2022 and end in August 2023.

Demolition of the existing building and landscaping have been proposed to begin in July 2023 and end three months later in October.

The request, which was received by Havering council on Nov. 16, says an area of ​​soft landscaped social space would be affected by development, but says any loss is made up by “improved sports and creation”.

The new gym aims to provide “adequate facilities to deliver the full physical education curriculum” while helping the school address “growing concerns about children’s mental health and obesity”.

The proposal also states that the new facility would provide “greater flexibility” for teaching during exam periods and alleviate pressure on “dance, theater and music, freeing up other facilities for their intended use. “.

A decision on the proposal must be made by January 19, 2022. The school can appeal within six months of that date.

Display the application using P2200.21.


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