Forsyth Teacher Academy Creates New Website, Makes New Recommendations to Offer Support to Educators



“They come in with the knowledge of the content, and we take that pedagogical element, the pedagogical strategies, the ethics, etc. so that they can go directly to this class more easily,” said Dugan.

The areas of certification offered by the academy are those in which schools in Forsyth County and even across the country typically have a harder time filling positions. These areas include Kindergarten to Grade 12 special education, high school mathematics, high school science, and vocational and technical program courses.

The academy is currently working with its third cohort of students and, advancing into the fourth cohort, it also plans to start offering a $ 500 discount to military personnel and veterans.

“We are excited to be able to offer this as one more way to ease the transition to education for military families,” said Dugan.

She took the opportunity to congratulate the second cohort of students who have just completed the program and are heading for teaching positions in different parts of the county. The new teachers of the second cohort are:

● Kelsey Ballou, special education at North Forsyth High

● Conrad Bishop, scientist at Gateway Academy

● Lora Brooks, Special Education at North Forsyth Middle

● Griffin Caracciolo, scientist at West Forsyth High

● Maci Fletcher, marketing at West Forsyth High

● Quinten Foster, special education at Lakeside Middle

● Anupam Goli, computer science and engineering at Forsyth Central High

● Daphne John, IT and Engineering at Forsyth Central High

● Thomas McCarter, Special Education at South Forsyth High

● Chad Pigg, specialized education in Denmark High

● Andrew Robinson, math at Denmark High

● Emma Signa, math at Piney Grove Middle

● Sydney Skidmore, special education at Whitlow Elementary

● Jessica Smith, Marketing at Forsyth Central High

● Paul Wilson, computer scientist at West Forsyth High

● Misty Sprayberry, Special Education at Vickery Creek Elementary School

Dugan made a special mention to Misty Sprayberry who she says completed the program while undergoing treatment after being recently diagnosed with breast cancer.

Sprayberry worked as a paraprofessional at the school before deciding that she wanted to take the program and become a full-time special education teacher. But halfway through her time in the program, she was diagnosed and started radiation and chemotherapy treatments.

Vickery Creek manager Kristan Riedinger shared a letter with Dugan and the board about her experience working with Sprayberry.

“Misty Sprayberry is a shining example of the best in our business,” she wrote in the letter. “She is relentless in her service to others. If what she’s doing doesn’t work, she’ll find another way and another way and another way…. She is a person who selflessly loves others. His words and actions are a reflection of his good and generous heart. She is, without fail, optimistic and always positive.

She shared that although she struggled with her diagnosis – undergoing heavy treatment and multiple surgeries – Sprayberry never deviated from her usual positive attitude and perspective.



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