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Japan Ninja Council, founded in 2015, is the first and only official association to promote true Ninja culture and pass on traditional Ninja culture to the next generation, with a joint effort of partners in the Japanese government, including the Cabinet Office and the Agency of cultural affairs. It is also a partner of the Mie University International Ninja Research Center (see this CNN article) award degrees in Ninja Studies and collaborate with the International Ninja Research Association to promote Ninja Studies.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the council launched its first digital channel Nindo Canal on Youtube last year. The chain is taught by Jinichi Kawakami sensei (Master in Japanese Word), who is the most famous Ninja in the world (details explained here) and an authority in one of the oldest Ninja schools in Japan. The content provides introductory learning to NINDO, including basic self-protection skills and wilderness survival skills.

This channel has embarked on a revolution in the history of Ninja. The Youtube channel has acquired over 10,000 subscribers organically and its most viewed video has reached over 45,000 views. The interest in knowing more about Ninja is obvious. (See channel comments below)

“It’s rare to see a history like this and seeing it in practice is a nice touch other than just talking about it.” – Shin Kyuubi

“The ancient arts really help the body and the mind to develop. I mean, he’s 70 now, but he moves like he’s 28. Really amazing.” – Isaiah Cheezy

“Yes [the Grandmaster] I opened a ninja school, I would pay him to learn this mystical art. “- Jane Apple Seed

The channel proves the fact that people all over the world, including United States, Brazil, India, and Indonesia are eager to learn “real ninja lessons taught by a real ninja”. The mysterious and intriguing Ninja culture was revealed after a long history of secrecy within the closed Ninja community in Japan. As Kawakami sensei passionately declares:

“I haven’t taught Ninja skills exhaustively so far, but especially after launching Nindo Channel on Youtube, I realize that many people in different regions want to learn the art of Ninja, which is useful even in modern times. “

The success of the Nindo Youtube channel, along with the passion of fans and sensei, inspired the Japan Ninja Council to launch the Kickstarter campaign for the first time in Ninja history. The council wants to launch an online Ninja Academy to provide an online learning platform for all fans to learn more about the true Ninja arts and culture, which is aimed at improving the health of people, both physically. and spiritually.

One of his most important Ninja Academy missions is to certify an official Ninja “NINDO” license to those who will be trained at certain levels on Ninjutsu. (*NINDO license is the only official Ninja license certificate system managed by the Japan Ninja Council). NINDO is separated into two majors; Yo-nin (theoretical and spiritual side) and In-nin (physical and practical side).

In the Yo-nin course, you will learn about Ninja’s history and spiritual intelligence skills such as meditation, the art of listening and observing. In the In-nin course, you learn practical Ninja skills, such as walking manners and self-defense skills from Dojo teachers. Depending on your skills, you will receive a certificate at different levels, from Genin, Ninja to Master of Ninja (10 Dan).

Kawakami sensei stipulate that

“Through this Ninja Academy, NINDO, you will learn authentic and traditional ninja skills from our experts. I warmly welcome you to join our crowdfunding project and look forward to teaching you on the platform.”

Meanwhile, the council is also launching a NINDO Ambassador Program to promote the Ninja Academy. Ideal candidates are those who desire to be Ninja and are excited to bring NINDO into the world. The finalist will be sponsored to work on the board of Japan and will receive other benefits such as free NINDO training and fair compensation. There will be more details on the website.

The Kickstarter campaign will launch with full details in mid-April. You can also receive the information by pre-registering your e-mail address on the official NINDO platform.

So, are you ready to learn from the most famous Ninja in the world and become the next Ninja?

[About Japan Ninja Council]

JAPAN NINJA COUNCIL is the only official organization in the world made up of groups comprising municipalities, aiming to disseminate the Japanese Ninja culture, long shrouded in mystery. To achieve this goal, various groups have come together to form the council, such as local governments, universities, tourism associations and private companies. The council is designed to promote the arts and culture of Ninja so that it can contribute to the local economy through the Ninja. The council spares no effort to research, collect and offer information about Ninja to the world.

A member of the Japan Ninja Council, headed by Eikei Suzuki, the governor of Mie Prefecture is made up of many municipalities, including Kanagawa Prefecture, Nagano Prefecture, Shiga Prefecture, Aichi Prefecture, Saga Prefecture , Sano Town, Higashiagatsuma Town, Nagano City, Ueda City, Iga City, Nabari City, Koka City, Wakayama City, Matsue City and Ureshino City.

For more details on the recruitment of Ambassador NINDO, please see NINDO Ambassadors Recruitment Page for more information.


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