Families excited about new WAPS online academy | Education


Winona families are excited about the new Winona Area Public Schools Online Academy, which was approved earlier this month.

In the first week since its approval, there were fifty-five interested respondents, Karla Winter, director of learning and teaching at WAPS, shared with the board on Thursday.

Winter explained that students interested in attending the online academy are currently spread across the district, with slightly higher numbers of high school age students so far.

Currently, the district is working to connect with the families who responded to make sure they are aware of the differences between the new online academy and last year’s e-learning.

The main differences, among many others, include in-person teachers who no longer teach online courses and the ability to revert to in-person learning at any time during the semester is no longer available.

Further information about the online academy is still ongoing, including student manuals and grading procedures. This information will be made public as soon as it is finalized.

The board on Thursday approved further steps in the process with Edgenuity, which the online academy will go through.

The new free option will be available to any kindergarten to grade 12 student. Students who are not currently enrolled in WAPS or who do not live in the district are also encouraged to enroll in the academy online.

For more information on the response of public schools in the Winona area to COVID-19, visit winonaschools.org.


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