Eternally Mused LLC launches its online academy in January 2022


Step into your heart, enchant your world A kind of deeper knowledge calls humanity back to its eternal essence

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, USA, Jan. 19, 2022 / — Eternally Mused Academy is thrilled to announce its first course, Divine Feminine Resurrection. The Divine Feminine Resurrection activates and strengthens the relationship with the mythical poetics of life. These numinous realms whisper and reveal their mysteries in dreams, intuitions and the voice of the body. The class is divided into three vital components of the psyche, including spirituality, shadow (and soul), and sensuality. Students are taken through journeys of psychological healing using integral practices of intuitive movement, writing, and studies of mythology, theology, psychology, and art. It is designed to enhance the mind, illuminate the soul, and release passion and further elucidation for its own unique purpose.

Anyone looking to boost their creativity and vision will find the fuel they are looking for at Eternally Mused Academy. Men and women who desire a deeper intimacy with their intuition, the wisdom of their body and their soul (essentially, all aspects of their essence that are too often devalued by the dominant culture) can expect to receive skills , ideas, inspiration and practices to nurture relationships with these powerful parts of themselves. Because it is online, students have the flexibility to work at their own pace. They receive personal feedback from their teacher on their assignments and creative projects (some assignments require the production of artwork and creativity). Thus, students can expect to complete the course with an even stronger portfolio.

The academy’s passion for liberating the psyche is sprinkled throughout their course material. Alita Arose, Founder, enjoys encouraging and inspiring others to break free from the chains that hold them in bondage to trauma and inner demons. His emphasis on shadow work is a prayer for more individuals to become aware of their wholeness so that sovereignty will spread across the world instead of fear, deception and separation. “Shadow work,” she argues, “is ultimately freedom work. The more we know about our own inner monsters, the less we are ruled by them. It’s not just the monsters that live in the shadows, but also some of the most incandescent gems and genies. The more a person’s shadow blends in, the richer the sensation felt in the body.

Discouraged by the pervasive portrayals of disembodied sexuality in the media, Eternally Mused Academy has designed courses to bring students into greater attunement with their inner currents and inner rhythms. “The more a person is connected to the rhythms of their own heart, the more they live from a place of sovereignty as opposed to socially and societally designed mechanisms of thought and behavior,” says Arose. Spirituality is also highlighted in the program because “it is his spirit that lives on forever”. Students are encouraged to explore the muse archetype and to view creativity as a high form expression of God/The Divine in action. The muses of ancient Greece are explored and look to Mother Mary of the Christian tradition as both theological and psychological muse. In the spirituality module, students can also expect to learn more about maenad archetypes. The maenad archetype is the “inner worshiper” aspect of an individual’s psyche. Practices to bring heightened awareness and embodiment around how one expresses one’s devotion are offered. Not only will students come away with deeper works of their own art, but also with an even more cultivated and developed spirituality.

About the company

Eternally Mused Academy offers courses to enhance wonder and release in the hearts and minds of its students. Her mission is to see a world full of artistry, expressive voices, and one that places a high value on divine feminine principles. Courses focus on the intersections of mythology and theology through an in-depth psychological lens.

Alita Arose, owner, is an avant-garde artist based in Los Angeles, California. Her international and academic studies have reinforced her passions for resurrecting the divine feminine in the individual, community and culture. She is the author of Mused Maenad, a conceptual book of photography and poetry on shadow healing through expressive art. Alita is also an experimental filmmaker, performance artist and curator of multidimensional and transformational events/workshops. She currently holds a master’s degree in clinical and in-depth psychology.

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