Cakap Teacher Academy presented Lot 2, empowering thousands of Indonesian and international teachers


Jakarta, Indonesia, October 29, 2021 / PRNewswire / – As a pioneer of online platform learning in Indonesia, Cakap continuously offers the best learning experience to its users thanks to the quality of teachers. From its success in lot 1 a few months ago, Cakap Teachers Academy, a digital pedagogical training program, is back for lot 2. This also reinforces Cakapas a technology education company in Indonesia which empowered more than 1000 local and global teachers.

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Cakap Teacher Academy presented Lot 2, empowering thousands of Indonesian and international teachers

Tomy yunus, CEO and co-founder of Cakap declared, “In line with our mission to improve the lives of people in Indonesia through equal access to quality education, we are committed to presenting competent and professional teachers. In addition, we are also grateful that our platforms are endorsed by teachers from diverse backgrounds as well as countries and cultures, such as Indonesia, The Philippines, China, Japan, and also South Korea have joined the Cakap platform. Seeing the need to increase the skills of teachers in teaching foreign languages, we present the Cakap Teacher Academy Batch 2 program as a real step to improve the skills of teachers who can directly improve the competence of human resources in the country. “

Rachmadi Widdiharto, Director of Primary Education Teachers, Ministry of Education, Culture, Research and Technology of the Republic of Indonesia declared, “The role of the teacher is the spearhead of the educational transformation. It becomes very important for every party in the field to support the empowerment of teachers and educators. We value Cakap as one of the digital platforms that is concerned with developing teachers’ skills in Indonesia which has an impact on the quality of Indonesian education through the Cakap Teacher Academy program. We hope that this empowerment effort will continue and extend to all regions of the Indonesia. “

The Ministry of Education, Culture, Research and Technology of the Republic of Indonesia as a leading institution in the field of education in Indonesia will also continue to empower teachers with various initiatives. One of the programs currently managed by the Ministry of Education and Culture is the Guru Penggerak Program. The program is a leadership education program for teachers to become learning leaders. This program includes online training, workshops, lectures and 9 months of mentoring for aspiring future teachers.

In line with government goals, Cakap Teacher Academy also has the same mission of encouraging teachers and educators to Indonesia be more comfortable with digital technology. The Cakap Teacher Academy, launched a few months ago, has succeeded in empowering teachers and some of them have managed to join the Cakap teaching team. This program is a certification program that directly provides training to increase the ability and competence of teachers to teach students.

Yoshua Yanottama, Senior Director of Education at Cakap, explained that “The state-of-the-art learning system will be the key to the curriculum of our program. This program will bring 2 main skills: communicative teaching techniques and the use of technology through Cakap self-paced interactive learning. The program is based on over 6 years of online learning experience at Cakap combined with best practices in language teaching. In this way, this program will be relevant for those who are about to enter the world of teaching as well as for those who have experience but wish to renew their teaching skills.

English is Cakap’s largest course program, and that is why Cakap Teacher Academy is currently focused on teaching English. Cakap sees the need to empower ESL teachers who are more valuable in teaching English to people who do not use English as their primary language. The same background makes ESL teachers more valuable in applying lessons that are more suited to the character of their students. In this case, students with minimal knowledge of English can more easily understand English lessons.

In the future, we hope that Cakap will continue to commit to empowering teachers in Indonesia through various programs. We also hope that in the future the Cakap Teacher Academy will be able to empower teachers in various scientific fields.,firm Tomy.

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