Best Golf Academy Schools in Greater Palm Springs


Whether you’re a full-time resident looking to improve your game or a visitor planning an upcoming golf visit, Coachella Valley’s many courses are complemented by outstanding teaching schools that operate year round.

From the latest in swing study technology to primo practice ranges to unique mental approaches, the wilderness offers a full start sheet of educational options.

Here are five schools where you don’t have to hit the books, just the ball.

Bird Golf Academy at the Classic Club

Featured in Golf Tips magazine as one of the best teaching schools in the country, Bird Golf Academy has moved to the Classic Club. In addition to accommodation arrangements, the course study includes unlimited Classic play and preparation, as well as over 30 hours of instruction.

Classic Club, 75200 Classic Club Blvd., Palm Desert. 760-601-3600;
Birds Golf Academy, 877-4-BIRDGO,

Led by Bryan Lebedevitch, the PGA WEST Golf Academy offers renowned courses.

PGA WEST Golf Academy

The annual CareerBuilder Challenge won’t be the only time you see the best swing in the world at La Quinta. At PGA West Golf Academy, nationally renowned instructor Bryan Lebedevitch and a team of renowned teaching professionals are helping define the representative of “The Western Home of Golf in America,” according to his website.

To get proof of purchase, just look at Lebedevitch’s past and present student team, which included LPGA stars Christie Kerr and Mirim Lee.

As for amateurs in search of improvement, individual lessons are available as well as golf schools which include eight hours or more of instruction. Players are fit for clubs and each student also receives a personalized health and wellness plan.

“Most people don’t really have a clue of what they’re really doing and what they need instead,” says Lebedevitch. “They have scapegoats for why they hit the wrong mark, but they don’t know why and don’t know what to work on to have a chance to improve. The instructors here have a high level of experience working with people of all abilities and skill levels, and an ability to adapt to the student in front of them.

With full-time golf instructors on staff, the off-season offers a real-time skill-building opportunity. “Summer can be very good because the classes are not very busy,” says Lebedevich. “So the opportunity to take a class with your instructor is greater to transition from what you are working on to a lesson in progress. “

PGA WEST, 56-150 PGA Blvd., La Quinta. 760-564-7144;


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