Albert Lea Area Schools Online Academy Sees Success Throughout Pandemic | Community


ALBERT LEA, Minnesota — Schools in the Albert Lea area began planning their online learning system last spring before it was approved in June. Classes started in August.

Administrators say they have found a need for online learning for a variety of reasons.

Some students have found during the pandemic that they learn better remotely.

For some families, it’s a better choice due to medical complications and COVID-19 concerns.

And with the increase in the number of cases in the community, in-person return is a concern for some families.

Online Academy Associate Director John Double says the platform has received positive feedback from parents and students, but comes with a learning curve like any new platform .

“We look forward to what these challenges will bring us moving forward, and knowing that we will be much better prepared during this year and for this second half,” he explains.

He wants students to receive a quality education whether they choose to learn online or in person.

Double adds, “Knowing that this framework is set up primarily for those who prefer to learn in a virtual environment, who can defend themselves when things are not going well, and who are motivated to really progress through the program. ”

The online academy accepts students in grades 4-12.

For an online registration form, you can visit here.


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