Academy Sports insiders to sell another large stake


Top Academy Sports + Outdoors insiders have signed up to sell more than 16 million shares as retailer Katy’s value has skyrocketed since its IPO in October.

KKR, the company’s largest shareholder, plans to offer between 11 million and 13 million shares, reducing its stake to no less than 31.7%, Academy said in a filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission . Family members of founder Max Gochman plan to sell up to 3.4 million shares, reducing their stake to as much as 3.8%.

This is the second major sale of subsidiaries of KKR and Gochman since the company went public at $ 13 a share. KKR acquired a controlling stake in the chain in 2011 for an undisclosed price and went public last year after the pandemic boosted demand for the outdoor and leisure retailer.

Academy is not selling any shares as part of the latest offering, which the record says would be valued at a proposed high of $ 30.47. At that price, KKR could see as much as $ 396 million and Gochman’s descendants $ 91 million. Academy shares closed at $ 30.80 in Tuesday’s trading, down 1.2%.

The January sale was priced at $ 21.50 per share, and between the two sales, KKR is expected to take in up to $ 660 million. Subsidiaries of the $ 32 billion New York investment firm held a 61.5% stake ahead of the January offer. This latest offer could bring it down to 31.7% if the over-allotment of the subscribers is exercised.

Michael Shaub, professor of accounting at Texas A&M, said it was common for a big actor like KKR to back a business until it was strong, then step back and put his money in others. investments.

“KKR is not there just to run the Academy,” he said.

Still, he said it sends a strong signal to the market that KKR plans to own at least 31% of the Academy’s shares. “They don’t just get by.”

Academy shares have more than doubled since they debuted at $ 13 a share in October, closing at $ 30.80 in Tuesday’s trading.

Poonam Goyal, retail analyst for Bloomberg Intelligence, said she expects sports and entertainment retailing to continue to gain momentum this year as people stay focused on their business. health. The Academy is in a position to take advantage of it, she said. “We think they are in an industry that is taking advantage of this trend.”

For the year ended Jan. 30, the company reported earnings of $ 309 million ($ 3.79 per diluted share), up from $ 120 million ($ 1.60) the year before. Revenue rose 18% to $ 5.7 billion from $ 4.8 billion the previous year.

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