Academy Sports and Outdoors (NASDAQ:ASO) Releases Fiscal 2022 Revenue Forecast –


Academy Sports & Outdoors (NASDAQ: ASO), which sells sports and outdoor equipment, on Thursday morning announced an increase in its earnings forecast for fiscal 2022. The company forecast earnings per share (EPS) for the quarter in the range of $6.75 to $7.50, which was well below the average expectation of $6.95. Additionally, the company released a revenue forecast of $6.43 billion to $6.63 billion, which is significantly lower than the general sales forecast of $6.59 billion.
On September 7, Academy Sports and Outdoors (NASDAQ: ASO) released the results of its latest quarterly financial report. The company said it had earnings per share for the quarter of $2.30, $0.23 higher than the average expectation of $2.07 per share floating around the internet.

The final sales total for the period was $1.69 billion, which was below the average projection of $1.70 billion for the amount of money that would be made during the period. Academy Sports and Outdoors had a return on equity of 44.64% and a net margin of 9.79% for its business. Both numbers are impressive. However, the company’s quarterly revenue was 5.9% lower compared to the same period of the year before the current year. During the same period a year earlier, the company had earnings of $2.34 per share. According to projections made by financial experts, Academy Sports & Outdoors will generate a profit of $7.08 for each share sold in the current fiscal year. Moreover, the company has just revealed that it will distribute a quarterly dividend to its shareholders on October 13 of this year since the announcement has just been made. On September 15, a dividend payment of $0.075 per share will be issued to shareholders of record on the company’s books. This Thursday will be the day these payments are processed. This equates to an annual dividend payment of $0.30, giving the stock a dividend yield of 0.65%. September 14 is the Wednesday that will no longer count towards the payout amount, effective immediately. The payout percentage made available to customers by Academy Sports and Outdoors is 4.17%.

ASO stock began trading for the first time on Thursday, and it did so at $45.96 per share. Over the past year, Academy Sports & Outdoors’ stock price has ranged from a low of $25.10 to a high of $51.51 per share. The stock’s moving average price over the past 200 trading days is $39.35, while the moving average price over the past 50 trading days is $44.73. The market value of the company is estimated at $3.66 billion and its price to earnings ratio is 6.38. The beta ratio of this thing is 1.37 and the PEG ratio is 0.70. The beta ratio of this thing is 0.70. Although the current ratio is 1.58 and the quick ratio is 0.41, the debt ratio, current ratio and quick ratio are all equal to 0.45. Comments on ASO stock have been received from various research analysts lately. In a research report released Thursday, September 8, by UBS Group, Academy Sports and Outdoors moved from a buy rating to a hold rating in a buy-sell split. Additionally, the company’s price target has increased from $55.00 to $60.00, reflecting the company’s increased confidence in the market. In a research report released Sept. 12 by Goldman Sachs Group, the company assigned a “buy” rating to Goldman Sachs Group and set a price target of $47.50 for the company’s stock.

On the other hand, the price target was increased to $53.00. On September 9, Loop Capital released a research report on Academy Sports & Outdoors, which marked the start of the investment firm’s coverage of the Academy Sports & Outdoors stock. They suggested investing in the company’s stock and setting a price target of $60 per share. Academy Sports and Outdoors was ranked as an outperforming company in a research report published Thursday, September 8, and they raised their price target on the company from $50 to $57. Finally, in a research note published Thursday, September 8, Morgan Stanley raised its price target on Academy Sports and Outdoors from $50.00 to $54.00 and gave the company an equal weight rating. Ten separate financial analysts issued a recommendation to buy shares in the company, while only one issued a directive to maintain the company’s holdings.

Bloomberg says the most common view on Academy Sports & Outdoors stock is that it should be bought and that the price target for the company is currently set at $58.70.
In other news, Executive Vice Chairman Samuel J. Johnson sold 112,000 shares of the company on Tuesday, September 13. This was reported in the September 13 news. The sale of the shares generated total revenue of $5,427,520.00, with the average price at which each share could be purchased at $48.56. Following completion of the transaction, the Executive Vice President now owns a total of 132,539 shares, collectively valued at an amount equal to $6,422,839.94. By following the link provided in the previous row, you will be able to review the filing made with the Securities and Exchange Commission that made the transaction public. The company’s management and employees hold a stake in the company equivalent to 3.51% of the total number of shares. “


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