4 LRSD teachers and staff surprised with $ 500 Sports Academy gift cards




LITTLE ROCK, Ark.- In this time of COVID-19, we take every opportunity to bring you good news.

Four teachers from the Little Rock School District received a big surprise on Wednesday.

They were surprised during school hours and received a $ 500 Academy Sports gift certificate.

It is to honor workers who go above and beyond.

The surprises started at 8:00 am Wednesday morning at Baseline Elementary.

Annette Delaney almost retired this year.

“It’s such a wonderful administration here, and the culture at Baseline is so, so, so much like family,” said Delaney. “And I didn’t feel ready to give up on that, and I love the students and the parents. This is my sixth year at Baseline. I just wasn’t ready to go.

Each of the four winners were nominated by colleagues and received $ 500 from Academy Sports.

From Baseline, a group of school administrators, joined by Superintendent Mike Poore, attended Central High School.

The second recognized teacher is Senior School Counselor Kim Williams.

Williams actually graduated from Central High School.

“Every day you can catch me wearing many hats, whether it’s father, big brother, uncle, facilitator, teacher, counselor, college mentor, scholarship counselor. Advisors do a bit of everything.

Williams said he needed a little time to process the award and decide how to spend it, but said his daughter would likely help him.

With surprises halfway through, the group moved to Pinnacle View Middle School to meet teacher Kristi Ward.

Ward spent quarantine contacting students and parents and delivering science supplies.

She is already considering how to use her prize for her students.

“Probably using some of it in the classroom, because it’s hard right now to figure out what we can do practically in this setting and then do that with our virtual kids as well,” Ward said.

Her 15-year-old daughter might also have a surprise.

For the fourth and final stop of the day, the group traveled to Jefferson Elementary.

This is where we find Head Guardian Kisha Dunn, who had no idea it was her birthday.

“It’s going to help a lot,” Dunn said. “I like it because it happened just in time. I go for it and help as much as I can. I interact with children. Just be there, talk to them, support them and keep this building clean, the campus clean, the yard clean.




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