VOX Gibraltar News – Teachers accredited by the United Nations Climate Change Teachers’ Academy


Seven teachers from Gibraltar have successfully participated in the United Nations Climate Change Teachers’ Academy in association with the United Nations Climate Change Learning Partnership.

As accredited climate change teachers, they can now deliver up-to-date climate change lessons to all students and will be able to encourage and generate social innovation, and prepare today’s youth. ‘hui to protect the planet.

Being among the first international teachers to achieve accreditation, Bayside, Westside and St Bernard Upper Primary Schools have been listed on the United Nations Global Teachers Map on Climate Change. They will work alongside 80 international schools in a first test of the course. This will cover topics such as the science of climate change, gender and the environment, children and climate change, cities and climate change, and human health. The program will eventually be made available to all schools in the UK and lessons are expected to be delivered in class from this school year.

Accreditation, part of the ClimACT Schools Gibraltar initiative, comes at the right time in Gibraltar’s education revolution.

ClimACT Schools is a movement that started almost 5 years ago by the Europe-funded ClimACT project, managed locally by the University of Gibraltar. The SUDOE-funded project ended last June but was rebranded as ClimACT Schools Gibraltar, a collaborative initiative involving teachers from all local schools, the Department of Education, University of Gibraltar, Department of ‘Environment, sustainability, climate change and heritage, and NGOs.

ClimACT Schools empowers teachers and strives to teach our children about sustainable practices related to climate change and the conservation of our natural environment. So far, schools have implemented many initiatives that have affected the ethics of Gibraltar schools, including recycling, reducing paper, plastic and general waste, using reusable water bottles , the reuse of artistic resources, the understanding of sustainable food production and the introduction of traffic-free days.

This year, students will focus on waste reduction and aim to influence adults to change their habits. Schools are also looking forward to working with the Advanced Leadership Foundation later this term on a second traffic reduction project-based learning “environmental athon” aimed at finding concrete solutions to real-life problems. .

Education Minister the Honorable Gilbert Licudi said: “As the world realizes the reality of climate change, Gibraltar’s schools are leading by example. Having seven teachers accredited by the United Nations Teachers’ Academy on Climate Change shows how seriously we take this issue. Through the ClimACT Schools Gibraltar initiative, our children are showing that this is not just something we should be talking about. Project-based learning and other actions are already making a real difference in improving our society. Our children and the work teachers do in this area are to be congratulated and encouraged. “

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