View from the hill: the new Teachers’ Academy completes its first year



When state funding was cut for the Kentucky Teacher Internship Program, the Warren County School District took matters into its own hands by partnering with WKU’s School of Teacher Education. WKU’s Amy Bingham Reads More About The Partnership This Week View from the hill.

This mentorship program between first grade teachers and more senior educators was too important to be lost. That’s why Warren County Schools and WKU are working together to make sure new teachers get the support they need to be successful.

Thomas Poole is in his first year of farming at South Warren High School.

“I teach agricultural construction techniques and this course includes hydraulics, robotics, welding, electricity and woodworking.”

He is also part of the New Teacher Academy which puts him in contact with a more experienced teacher.

“As a first year teacher, I have a lot of questions. I have a lot of things I’m not sure about and kind of need a little bit of advice.

This is where Julie Waddell comes in. She has 12 years of classroom experience.

“We spend an hour a week together and have a conversation with him after school. He is so enthusiastic and enthusiastic about teaching that you can’t help but be excited and inspired to bring it back to your own classroom.

Through a partnership between WKU and Warren County Schools, approximately 60 first-grade teachers like Poole are receiving this extra attention.

“In Warren County, it was one of our requirements that all of our teachers who are new to teaching go through this internship process. “

“We have great teachers who are prepared and ready to go, but they need someone to coach them and when they come across difficult circumstances they have the support to go beyond that and be successful. “

When state funding was suspended for a similar internship program, Warren County contacted WKU to find another way.

“We want to be able to say that we didn’t drop the ball and let our teachers flounder and ultimately our students, it’s all about the kids.”

“We have really learned what my weaknesses are and how we can improve them.”

The New Teacher Academy, which hosted its end-of-year banquet on Thursday evening, also hosted five seminars throughout the school year on topics such as classroom management, gifted education, and resourcefulness. ” improve family participation.



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