Swinton and Mexborough academies face uncertain future


Justine greening

TWO schools whose academic chains will be dissolved following disappointing exam results will not have their future guaranteed until next year.

Swinton Brookfield Primary Academy and Mexborough Academy have been told of its trust – Wakefield City Academies Trust (WCAT) would be dissolved in September.

And speaking during a visit to her old Oakwood High School, Education Secretary Justine Greening said the government was looking for replacement academy trusts for each of its schools.

She said WCAT had “tried to tackle schools that were already not doing a good enough job” but had been “overcome by these challenges” and the government had intervened because the quality of education was poor. .

She added, “I understand why parents are angry and share their concerns and we have a common goal.”

She said schools will make the transition next spring and summer and hopes they will be part of new academies by next September.

She added: “We are now finding new academy trusts for those who join, next to that there are school improvement plans for each school.

“The schools that now do recourtage are all associated with trusts that we know can overthrow them. “


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