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Exceptional season

Photo provided by Vivian Parker

Parker had an incredible season helping Aledo advance to the first round of the playoffs. Parker led the team in kills with 429, had 489 digs (second-highest on the team), 32 blocks, 31 aces and posted a 0.250% save percentage. An athlete does not get good overnight. It takes a lot of hard work, dedication, and time to become the player you hope to become. Parker says the secret to his success this season is that it’s no secret. “My amazing coach, Clair Gay. She’s so good at communicating, putting us in situations for success and telling us about our failures to help us learn to use those failures to grow,” Parker told VYPE. “As the season progresses, she puts us more and more in these situations and we succeed in small steps. Over time, small steps are a big change.”

One of the things that helps build a team is the relationships that athletes build with each other. For Parker, she believes that not only did it make all the difference, but that it was the key to Aledo’s success. “The secret to our team’s success this year was that we had a very close bond outside of volleyball,” she began. “We spent the whole month of August to November together and it made every training more enjoyable because we were all very close friends.”

Achieve objectives

Photo provided by Vivian Parker

At the start of her second season, Parker had many goals she wanted to focus on. “I came in with some really concrete goals this year. I wanted to get at least 400 kills and 500 digs while hitting at least 0.250% for the season. We were also eliminated in the first round of the playoffs last year, so I wanted to skip that game this season. I beat my assists goal and fell 11 short of my recovery goal. I hit exactly 0.250% so I felt good about those “Here. We lost heartbreak in the first round of the playoffs to a great team from Birdville (13-15 in the fifth set). It adds fire for next year.” Parker was also named a utility player. of the year for Aledo District, an accomplishment she considers her biggest so far in her first season playing six rotations away from the batter.

With her goals set in front of her, Parker had a great frame of mind … continuing to grow. “Last year for school I played away, but I didn’t play so much on defense or serve so it was really my first year playing all around. wanted to absorb and work on every game, defense and serve the receiver to know how to do these things right, especially when things start to go wrong, ”Parker told VYPE.“ I also wanted to improve my shooting range from the pins. I also really wanted to observe the upper class students on how they lead and develop, because being an upper class student myself comes quickly. “

Create memories

Photo provided by Vivian Parker

Despite being only a sophomore year, Parker has made a lot of memories with her team so far. It’s not hard to do when you’re close to your teammates and spending a lot of time together. When asked what was his favorite memory with Aledo volleyball so far, Parker shot from this season. “A big game we’ve had this season with our district title rival,” Parker began. “It’s a very good team with nine seniors in their lineup. Earlier in the season they came to us and beat us in straight sets. It looked like they were going to walk away with the district title this year. For our second meeting at their home, they made a big deal out of it on social media – they made the match a “ban game” and really pushed for the stands to be full so they could shut down the district. against us. We came in and beat them in straight sets. It was my favorite moment because it’s the best we’ve played as a full team all season. It was a great team win for us. “

On the offseason and the future

Photo provided by Vivian Parker

One of the things that makes a good athlete become a great athlete is their willingness to keep working hard when no one is watching – during the offseason. When asked how she stayed focused during the offseason, Parker said: “The offseason? We basically have three weeks off between the end of the school season and the start of the club season, so it looks like more at a short break. I’m taking the It’s time to get my body back in order and back to a good base to reduce the risk of injury. The gym I go to – APEC in Fort Worth – has a great program to get it all back together balancing, solving lingering problems and getting you where you need it to start the club season. I am using the weather from early November to December to build a good foundation for the club season. “

Since Parker is just a sophomore student, she hasn’t committed to a college program yet, but that doesn’t stop her from being excited to start the process. “What I’m looking for in college is a strong team culture with similar goals, both as a team and as people with coach / player relationships,” Parker said during his speech. exclusive interview. “Yes, I want to win and play at the highest level possible, but volleyball will be over in a few years. The lessons we learn in sport are invaluable for life. I am looking for a program that values ​​us as people and teaches teaches us how to win properly, mentors us and prepares us to be the top performing adults after graduation. ”

As of now, Parker is not sure exactly what she wants to specialize in, but with a heart to help others, she is interested and considering education / special education or something in the health sciences.

Funny questions:

Who is your favorite professional sports team?
“My favorite professional sports team is the Dallas Mavericks.”

Who do you admire the most as an athlete?
“Alli Stumler, Kentucky outside hitter.”

If you could go out to dinner with one person (dead or alive), who would it be?
“Also Alli Stumler. I think she’s an amazing player, but more importantly, an amazing person.”

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