Minister announces online academy for grades 9-12



LAHORE: Punjab’s Minister of School Education Dr Murad Raas announced the establishment of the Insaf Academy online offering free lectures and quizzes to students in 9th to 12th class on one platform .

Addressing a press conference here on Saturday, Dr Murad Raas said that in the first phase, lectures on five topics, chemistry, biology, physics, computer science and mathematics, would be available for free for Class 9 students on one platform with quizzes to keep the students and their parents involved and prevent them from going to private academies.

The minister said that in the same way, the ministry was working on another program to improve the capacity of English teachers in public schools.

He said the department had trained 1,000 master trainers who would visit schools and teach students in the presence of their English teachers so that those teachers would learn to teach English as a subject.

Dr Murad Raas said that these two revolutionary programs will be launched from the next academic session starting in March 2021. He added that in the following phases online lecturers will be introduced for class 10 up to class 12 .

He expressed his concerns about the proliferation of private tuition centers and academies and said that the online Insaf Academy would prove to be an ideal alternative.

To a question, he also responded harshly to opposition parties saying that schools had been opened under certain SOPs and similarly SOPs were issued for other sectors before opening schools. same.

He added that political rallies were not mandatory in the current Covid-19 situation.

He said that bringing people together to protect ill-gotten money was unfortunate.

Respect: Providing a healthy environment and better recreational facilities is the top priority of the Punjab government and, unlike previous governments, PTI does not work on paper but in practice.

Industry and Trade Minister Mian Aslam Iqbal, who visited his constituency parks with PHA CEO Jawad Ahmad Qureshi, said here on Saturday.

They visited Samanabad Ground and other parks and looked at issues to improve recreational facilities in the parks.

Addressing the media on the occasion, Mian Aslam Iqbal said that providing a healthy environment and better recreational facilities is our top priority. Butt Ground Park will be merged into a larger family park. We will work on the rehabilitation and provision of facilities for all of the city’s parks.

The PTI did not work on paper like in previous governments, the minister said.

The PML-N is not against the government, it wants to organize a rally against justice. The opposition must also respect the institutions, he said.

“Political parties continue to show the power of the people. If anyone attempted to damage public and private property, the law would kick in. The convicted felon that’s setting outside and doing things, the nation is watching. These are the same people who attacked the Supreme Court. They try to be bigger than the institutions by hurling insults at national institutions. It is not appropriate. Instead of sitting outside and giving speeches, convicts should come back and appear in court. On the other hand, the PPP has spared no effort in plundering national resources, ”said the minister.

He said if the opposition was to show its strength, the nation could not be fooled. He said that justice has an important role to play in every country.



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