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In an era when online schooling has not only become a convenient option but also a necessity for some families, Liberty University Online Academy (LUOA) has met the growing demand.

The K-12 accredited academic program has seen an impressive 240% increase in applications since last summer and is predicted to exceed 12,000 enrolled students by the end of the year.

“Many families, in order to find some stability in these uncertain times, come to us and say: ‘We want to find a quality education for our children, a place where we can connect them directly and know that they can continue. to learn without interruption, ”said LUOA Dean Chris Rusk. “COVID, among other things, is really pushing families to find answers based on solid information and not government recommendations to schools, which can change every week. “

Students attend LUOA from all 50 states and over 36 countries.

As the product of a pioneering university in distance education, Liberty Online Academy is known for its strong academics.

“Families leaving public school systems are amazed at the thoroughness of our curriculum,” said Rusk, adding that LUOA is erasing the stigma of impersonal online learning as teachers and pedagogical counselors provide personalized assistance to each. student of the program. “We work alongside parents and we want to see our students succeed as much as they do. “

LUOA offers over 250 separate K-12 courses, as well as electives such as Guitar, Public Speaking, Creative Writing, and more.

Superintendent Dr Dusty Miller said professors not only bring their expertise to the virtual environment, but also show genuine compassion for their students.

“We take great pride in our in-house curriculum, but it is the extra support provided by our licensed teachers and pedagogical advisers that sets us apart from other online institutions,” he said. “Each course is led by a licensed teacher to provide academic support throughout the year. In addition to their qualifications, our support staff sincerely love and care about our student body, and it is our desire to produce young Champions for Christ!

Rusk said families are drawn to the convenience of the program, which operates on an ongoing enrollment schedule, with start dates every Monday (except holidays). The program offers a 10-month course; families can choose to go all year round or add their own breaks.

The flexibility of the program also allows students to work at their own pace. If they need more time, they can always replay the sessions as many times as they want, so they never risk being left behind like in a traditional classroom. Likewise, faster learners don’t have to wait for students behind them in levels to catch up.

“It adapts very well to families’ schedules. We have students who are athletes and who travel everywhere to compete. We even have students who are actors and actresses, ”said Rusk. “The program also helps parents whose jobs can displace them across the country, as well as families whose children have health problems that make it difficult to attend a traditional school. Our goal is to always help families, not only to provide the right fit for students, but for all family members. We work together in the pursuit of education.

Liberty Online Academy is also one of the leading providers of dual enrollment education nationwide, enabling high school students to succeed in college.

“No one else has the type of program that we have,” Rusk said. “We have worked with the Liberty University provosts to make sure the students we are preparing are ready to enter the college classroom.”

The dual enrollment program is available to all eligible high school juniors and seniors, with the option to enroll in certain college courses for high school and college credits or the option to earn an associate’s degree in the one of the 15 disciplines of Liberty while obtaining their high school diploma. Classes are one-third the price of normal college online courses.

LUOA now partners with more than 170 schools around the world through its affiliate program, expanding the schools’ course offerings and helping many Christian schools that are unable to afford the cost of adding a high school option for their students.

“With many families in uncharted territory this year, LUOA is experiencing unprecedented growth,” said Aaron Marks, Director of recruitment, admissions and strategic communication at LUOA. “For those who are still on the fence, they need to be reassured that LUOA is not new to online education. Since 2007, our team has provided an individual, personalized admission experience for each student, at a fraction of the cost of a private brick and mortar school. With our 30-day, risk-free money back guarantee, there’s never been a better time for families to sign up.

Liberty University recently announced that its online adult education program is also seeing a record enrollment this year, reaching the milestone of 50,000 new students enrolled for the year and reaching 108,000 online students in total. (Liberty’s previous record for online registrations was 98,000 in 2014.)

“Our online numbers show that each year more and more people are choosing to advance their careers at an institution that has a long history of offering quality online programs,” said Liberty President Jerry Falwell. “With the pandemic more and more people are considering online training and they are choosing us because they know we have spent over 40 years perfecting the product.”

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