From Free Classes to Job Opportunities: Online Academy Conditions Philippines for Greater



MANILA, Philippines – The modern world can be difficult for Filipinos; it was even doubly the case in 2020. With everything they’ve had to go through in the past year, to describe it as difficult would be an understatement.

But we also know that the Philippines is as tough as it comes: nerves made steel and fists made iron after overcoming trials.

2020 was no exception, as was 2021, where the Philippines will continue to champion their efforts, perpetuate their skills and, most importantly, get back on their feet in the new normal and beyond.

A brand that believes in every Pinay potential is here to help pave the way for more success. Leading hair care brand Cream Silk, in partnership with, launched Cream Silk Online Academy.

Sharpen from home

Cream Silk Online Academy is a free educational platform that offers a series of online courses, led by industry experts and experts from global universities, all guaranteed to further increase the demand for Filipino women in industries such as sales, communications and project management.

Three featured courses are now available for online application:

1. Sales 101: Selling in the New Normal

Recommended for aspiring financial planners and those seeking a career in sales, this online course will teach basic sales strategies and build on negotiation skills.

2. Communications 101: Communicate Effectively With Customers

This online course teaches effective communication skills in the workspace as well as skills for effective presentations. It is created with aspiring customer service managers in mind.

3. Project Management 101: Managing Remote Projects in the New Normal

For project managers or office assistants who want to learn how to manage and complete multiple remote work projects, this online course is made for the right choice.

Go improving or learning new skills on the job in no time since these free online courses are designed to be completed in just 1 hour.

Upon completion, participants will receive electronic certificates of the chosen course, which they can surely add to their curriculum vitae to further show their skills and expertise.

Moreover, the Cream partnership also helps the Philippines seize the right opportunities by connecting them to the right channels and potential employers, such as FWD Insurance, Cloudstaff and [24], among others.

Be bigger than ever

From Free Classes to Job Opportunities: Online Academy Conditions Philippines for Greater

In the ever-changing landscape of the job market, things don’t have to be daunting. There is no better time to be Filipino, especially when there are resources that will help get things done.

The Cream Silk Online Academy is dedicated to providing them with the essential skills they are looking for so they can advance in their careers and beyond. Because every Filipina will not be satisfied with the good, she strives wholeheartedly to do better.

Start your journey to growth and success. Create your own account and register for FREE today!

From Free Classes to Job Opportunities: Online Academy Conditions Philippines for Greater

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