Change of bank account – who to inform?

We are usually loyal to banks, but how long can you endure monthly fees of several zlotys for keeping an account? How many years can you reconcile with a 100-dollar tribute paid out of the account, paid only for maintaining the unused credit limit?

Fees associated with having a personal account, although the scale of the month does not ruin your home budget, add up to a considerable amount during the year. Savings can be brought by changing your bank account. Just review the ranking of bank accounts and choose the best for us. What if we’ve already made up our minds?

Let me know when you change banks!

Let me know when you change banks!

” There is nothing solid in life except change ,” Heraclitus of Ephesus had to say long ago, so once we change our expensive bill to a cheaper account at another bank, let’s not keep it secret. The bank account number – whether we like it or not – is now as important as your home address. It’s not bad when we use a special form and help from a new bank during the change (since 2010, such a form with several pages allows, for example, to automatically transfer all our regular payments to the new bank). It will be worse when, deciding to change, we do it in installments and quite independently: first we set up an account in a new bank, and only after some time we liquidate the old.

In this situation, we must ensure that all interested institutions and companies are notified of our new bank account number. Otherwise, it may happen that we do not receive remuneration on time, and our mailbox will swell from prompts sent by the power plant and gas plant, concerned about the delay in paying bills.

When you change your bank account, notify the employer, tax office, university …

When we change the bank account, we must first of all notify our employer. In accounting or human resources we will receive a special print on which we will enter a new invoice number and authorize our workplace to transfer the payment. From poverty, we can do it by hand, on a regular piece of paper, confirming the authorization with your own signature.

Account change and Tax Office

Our bank account number is also important in dealing with the tax office. At the moment it is difficult to find a taxpayer who has not benefited from concessions and deductions in recent years, and the tax office in most cases, returns returns to the bank accounts indicated in one of the forms (PITs). When we change the account, we should notify the office of the new number of our invoice. We will do it on a special update print (one of the supplementary PITs).

Change of account and ZUS

When pensioners change their bank account, they cannot forget to notify the payer of their benefits – ZUS. When an account is changed by a student, he / she must ensure that the university finds out the number of his / her new invoice to which the scholarship is transferred (at most universities this is done in dean’s offices).

When changing your bank account, the most important is a list of regular payments.

When changing your bank account, the most important is a list of regular payments.

Bank statistics show that not all of us use the facilities offered by a bank account, although the latter can make life easier. These include the so-called direct debit and standing orders. We must transfer both to the new bank. As a reminder – the direct debit is carried out by transfer on a specific day from our account to the creditor’s account (e.g. telecommunications operator), and the amount of such transfer is determined each time by the creditor’s instruction, without our participation. A standing order requires that you specify the amount you want to transfer. If we forget about direct debits and standing orders specified on the canceled account, we will pay ourselves a delay in paying bills. It may also happen that a standing order will be processed twice – from a new and old account, which we did not manage to cancel successfully.

You can have the account changed to a new bank

You can have the account changed to a new bank

Let’s just add that in 2010 the abovementioned regulations were introduced to facilitate almost automatic account transfer from bank to bank. However, this is only a special recommendation of the industry organization, which is the Polish Bank Association. It may happen that not all banks are willing to take on the trouble of moving a new customer account. Either way, it is a good solution for people who do not want to deal with the formalities necessary for switching accounts themselves. Theoretically, it is enough to submit an application for opening an account and a power of attorney with the new bank, under which the bank will arrange matters for us, such as informing the employer, ZUS or the Tax Office. At our request, the bank will also transfer, for example, standing transfer orders. Let’s honestly admit, however, that a small number of customers decide to make such a change of account, and among them we will find many dissatisfied. They complain, among others for ineffective transfer of e.g. standing orders and difficulties with successfully closing an old account. It is worth remembering that nothing releases us from the obligation to notify the old bank of the termination of the contract.

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