Career-Tech Center Teacher Academy courses begin to gain experience in the field



Students at Teacher Academy I and Teacher Academy II Kosciusko-Attala of Kosciusko High School and Ethel High School began the rotation of one of their field experiments on Tuesday, September 21. students help at Kosciusko Lower Elementary. Students at McAdams High School Teachers Academy were unable to begin the field experience due to quarantine, but began their field experience on Tuesday, September 28. Students will begin a new rotation at a different school every nine weeks.

From left to right: Ra’Maya Brown, Samara Williams and Artaysha Miller. Photo submitted.

During the field experience, students work under the guidance of a classroom teacher. Students of the Teachers’ Academy will gain beneficial knowledge and experience “real life” experiences during the field experience. Teacher Academy students will perform several activities during each rotation. Activities include, but are not limited to, observing the teacher’s actions, creating a bulletin board, working in small groups, making teaching materials, teaching a lesson, using the copier, distributing teaching materials to students, accompanying students to activities, helping students with special needs, helping students with technology, organizing class materials, recording class procedures , reading to students, etc. For more information on Teacher Academy, contact Tessa Horn at [email protected] or 662-289-2689.



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