Big data company DataStreams launches online academy


Instructors pose for a photo at a launch event for DataStreams’ online academy on Thursday. (DataStreams Corp.)

Big data platform company DataStreams Corp. announced on Monday that it launched an online academy and appointed instructors last week to impart the company’s knowledge of big data and data governance to its staff, partners, students and the public.

The DS Academy will offer 57 lectures divided into nine courses covering products, consulting, big data infrastructure, data integration using the company’s TeraONE data fabric solution, big data governance , the Big Data Fabric and the analysis of Big Data by artificial intelligence, among others.

For the past 21 years, DataStreams has focused on developing data management and integration solutions and led the big data industry with TeraONE.

“We are launching DS Academy after thinking long and hard about how we can share with our staff and global customers what we have experienced over the past 20 years,” said Lee Young-sang, CEO of DataSteams.

“Our collaborators, who are the best Big Data experts, will be the instructors of the DS Academy. We receive many requests for cooperation from local and foreign universities as well as companies to which our products have been donated.”

After developing the programs, filming and editing the lectures, and verifying the lecture content, the DS Academy will open in July, the company said.

By Kim So-hyun ([email protected])

By Cho Chung-un ([email protected])


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