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Stay focused on success and goals

Returning from a torn ACL, Crafton had to work to stay focused and ready for the season ahead. “My desire to replay kept me focused,” Crafton said. “I wasted my second year, which really allowed me to stay focused and work hard.” With a second season interrupted by injury, Crafton attributes the setback and self-confidence to his focus this season. “The secret to my success this season is mainly my self-confidence and my focus on my job. When my teammates and I do our job, everything falls into place.”

Crafton credits the team’s success to a strong coaching staff as well as discipline. “Last season the team was in a rebuilding phase with our new coaching staff led by coach Sean Riley. This season, with many of the same coaches, we have been successful thanks to a strong bond of team, discipline and a strong culture. ” With a strong team behind him, Crafton is looking forward to getting back on the pitch this season. “At the start of this year, I thought about the best ways to make myself a great student-athlete, especially with time management. It is difficult to balance school and football as both can take a lot. time, but with the help of teachers and coaches, I think I can do very well in both areas this year. ”

This season, Crafton’s goals include regaining a starting spot on the squad. “I would like to start or keep my starting spot in football as well as playing well in other sports while keeping my grades,” Crafton told VYPE. “The team is still a program under construction and we hope to compete in the district and show everyone that they shouldn’t take us for granted.”

What awaits us?

Crafton is not currently engaged in a college program. “Right now I’m looking for a program that can meet my academic needs and a coaching staff that will improve me as a person as well as an athlete,” Crafton said. Although Crafton hasn’t decided what he wants to study in college, he has expressed an interest in business.

Coach’s Comments:

Coach Riley had good things to say about the junior athlete. “Hadley is an incredible talent and has overcome some serious challenges,” Riley told VYPE DFW. “He’s now one of the best players on our squad. He’s really embraced the #BUILTDIFFERENT culture we’re building here at Coram Deo. He’s coming out of an ACL surgery that sidelined him last season. and has proven that beating the odds is normal for him. “

Aside from his athleticism and physical contribution to the team, Crafton is also known to be a strong leader. “His leadership and character make him a coach’s dream,” concluded Riley.

Funny questions

Who is your favorite professional sports team?
“My favorite professional sports team, hands down, are the Cowboys. I’ve been a fan of it forever.”

Who do you admire as an athlete?
“Defensively, as an athlete I would say I admire Jalen Ramsey. I love his aggressive and physical style of play and always try to have the same aggressiveness on the pitch.”

If you could go to dinner with one person (dead or alive) who would it be? What would you like to talk about?
“It’s tough, but I could tell Dwayne Johnson. It would be crazy to hear what his day is like and the job he does.”



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